Rubidium II

The Rubidium II setup employs a latest-generation dual layer atom chip inside a straightforward single-chamber machine. Its multiple wire structures allow for creation of versatile potentials by various dc and ac current schemes. Also fast and precise modulation of the potential is possible.

The basic system which is used for our experiment are one-dimensional Bose gases in a quasi-condensate regime, which the experiment is ideally suited for due to highly anisotropic wire traps. We then use this system for double well physics in 1D and crossover regimes, which is enabled by the ability to create robust double-well potentials using rf dressing of the atoms. Fast trap modulations are used in optimal control schemes, allowing to engineer the external state of the condensates, which was e.g. used for highly efficient creation of twin-atom beams.

Furthermore, a unique time-of-flight fluorescence imaging system allows to work with extremely dilute clouds and provides single atom sensitivity, which promotes experiment in quantum matter-wave optics, such as Hanbury Brown-Twiss type measurements of second-order correlations in expanding clouds.