The Team

Prof. Jörg Schmiedmayer
Phone: 0043-1-58801-54101 email

Dr. Marie Bonneau
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141878

MSc. Marine Pigneur
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141854 email

Msc. Mira Maiwöger
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141853 email

Dott.mag.Filippo Borselli
Phone: +43-1-58801-141860 email

MSc. Zhang Tiantian
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141887 email

with support from

Dr. Philipp Haslinger
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141868 email

Dr RuGway Wu
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141868 email

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Schumm
Phone: 0043-1-58801-54172 email

Former Group Members

Dr. Raisa Trubko


Dr. Sandrine van Frank


Dr. Tarik Berrada




Dr. Aurelien Perrin


Dr. Stephanie Manz


Dr. Thomas Betz