Non-equilibrium Relaxation in Many-Body Quantum Systems

Projects taking part in construction of a new quantum gas experiment



Bachelor, diploma, and PhD students




PhD projects

  • Strongly interacting quantum systems far from equilibrium: universal scaling laws, vortices and turbulence
  • 1D ultracold Fermi gases, experimental test of generalized hydrodynamics
  • Entangled atom pair quantum processor from Feshbach molecules
  • Seeking the exotic superfluid FFLO state

Diplomarbeit and Bachelor projects

  • Magnetic field jump and feedback control
  • Superlattice for optically resolvable 1D gases
  • Convolutional neural network machine learning for atom recognition
  • Learning algorithm and optimal control theory for optical potential shaping with a digital-micromirror-device
  • Light source for tailored optical potential by a digital-micromirror-device


For applications and more information
Lithium experiment – open projects