Lithium log

Identified iodine transition required for stabilizing UV generation system

BBO doubling cavity lock stable

RF antenna Rabi freqeuncy measurement, |1> –> |2>

RF spectroscopy – observed bound to free transition => measurement of binding energy of Feshbach molecules

Trap spilling comparison below and above Feshbach resonance – confirmation of molecules

Lifetime measurements

First sight of molecular BEC

Identified the |1> to |2> RF transition. Able to balance the spin states with RF signal


Confirmed dipole trap transfer


RF antenna frequency tuning



Science cell connected. Bake shield ready. Bake initiated.



Mounting table on science chamber side

Feshbach coil cooling test and field measurement


First Bitter-type Feshbach coil assembled


SFG observed


Tunable lens test


First MOT

Clear Doppler-free spectroscopy signal observed

MOT coil field calibration

First Item mounting assembled.

First vacuum bake-out

Vacuum chamber assembled

Field measurement for Zeeman slower