Head of the group

Prof. Jörg Schmiedmayer
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141201
Post Docs


Dr. Marie Bonneau
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141878 email

Dr. Fritz Diorico
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141852 email


Dr. Sicong Ji
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141867 email


Dr. Igor Mazets
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141877


Dr. Cameron Salter
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141880


Dr. Stephan Schneider
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141871


Univ.Prof. Dr. Thorsten Schumm
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141896


Dr. Michael Trupke
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141872


Dr. Ru-Gway Wu
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141868 email
Technician and Administration

MA Michaela Hausammann-Zemann
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141206


Matthias Stüwe
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141851
PhD Students

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Angerer
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141351 email
Dipl.Ing.Thomas Astner
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141849 email
MSc. Stefan Beck
Phone: 0043-1-58801-351
Dott.mag.Filippo Borselli


Dott.ssa mag. Federica Cataldini
Phone: +43 (1) 58801 – 141 849 email


Msc. Qi Liang
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141876 email

Msc. Mira Maiwöger
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141853 email

Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Minniberger
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141867 email


MSc. Marine Pigneur
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141854 email


Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Rauer
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141849 email


Dipl.-Ing Sarah Reisenbauer
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141351 email


Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Schweigler
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141867 email


Dipl.-Ing. Florian H. Steiner
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141351 email


Dipl.-Ing. Georg Wachter
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141849 email
Master- and Diploma Students
Benedikt Gerstenecker, BSc.
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141851 email

Anne Maitre
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141889 email


Naz Shokrani
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141889 email


Kirill Streltsov, BSc.
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141851 email


Mohammadamin Tajik, Bsc
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141855 email


Sebastian Wald, Bsc
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141351 email


Thomas Weigner, Bsc
Phone: 0043-1-58801-141855 email









Former Group Members

Simon Aigner   email

Robert Amsüss   email

Mauritz Andersson   email

Florian Baumgärtner   email

Christiane Becker   email

Tarik Berrada   email

Thomas Betz   email

Karolina Brugger   email

Robert Bücker   email

Katrin Buczak   email

Donatella Cassetarri   email

Alexander Chenet   email

Johannes Denschlag   email

Christian Derntl   email

Bastian Engeser   email

Louw Feenstra   email

Thomas Fernholz   email

Dominik Fischer   email

Ron Folman   email

Remi Geiger   email

Hartmut Gimpel   email

Ralph Glattauer   email

Martin Goebel   email

Michael Gring   email

Pjotrs Grišins   email

Sönke Groth   email

Albrecht Haase   email

Elmar Haller   email

Stefan Haslinger   email

Dennis Heine   email

Bjorn Hessmo   email

Sebastian Hofferberth   email

Christoph Hufnagel   email

Majer Johannes   email

Leitner Johannes   email

Alexander Kasper   email

Matthias Klein   email

Christian Koller   email

Adrian Kowar   email

Peter Krüger   email

Maximilian Kuhnert    email

Tim Langen   email

Nils Lippok   email

Sebastian Loziczky   email

Andreas Maier   email

Stephanie Manz   email

Stefan Nevlacsil   email

Tobias Nöbauer   email

Christian Novotny   email

Aurelian Perrin   email

Thomas Plisson   email

Stefan Putz   email

Markus Rückel   email

Thomas Raub   email

Wolfgang Rohringer   email

Jörg Rottmann   email

Kaspar Sakmann   email

Jean-François Schaff   email

Matthias Schramböck   email

Matthias Schreitl   email

Naz Shokrani   email

David A. Smith   email

Barbara Stix   email

Thorsten Strassel   email

Michaela Trimmel   email

Martin Trinker   email

Raisa Trubko   email

Kaan Ürgüp   email

Abhilash Valookaran   email

Sandrine Van Frank   email

Jose Verdu   email

Roman Voglauer   email

Christoph vom Hagen   email

Claudia Wagenknecht   email

Kai Wicker   email

Stephan Wildermuth   email

Marco Wilzbach   email

Georg Winkler   email