QIP2019 Obergurgl

“Quantum Computing – From Algorithms to Applications”

Universitätszentrum Obergurgl, 15.-19. April 2019

Invited Speaker

Rick v Bijnen Univ. Innsbruck
Jonathan Home ETH Zürich
Andreas Walraff ETH Zürich
Hans Briegel Univ. Innsbruck
Mikhail D. Lukin Harvard
Nathan Wiebe Microsoft
Ignacio Cirac Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik
Charlie M. Marcus NBI, Copenhagen
Philipp Walther Univ. Wien
Joseph Emerson University of Waterloo
Thomas Monz AQT, Innsbruck
Xiao Xue TU Delft
Anthony laing University of Bristol
Hannes Pichler Harvard
Jay Gambetta* IBM

*to be confirmed

Besides the invited talks that are intended to present both their own work and an overview and status of the field, there will be room for contributed ‘Hot Topic’ talks, and we will have two extended poster sessions. In addition, we plan focused discussion sessions on topics like: ‘What re the classical resources needed to run a quantum computer’ or ‘The role of critical components to execute algorithms’