CAP Workshop

The CAP/ProQuP project funded by FWF and ANR is a joint austrian-french project between Rb2 and two teams of Institut d’Optique (Palaiseau, France): the puce team and the metastable helium team.
As a conclusion to this project, a workshop will take place in Vienna on June 2nd to 4th.

Main topics: 1D Bose gases, twin atom beams, density-density correlations in ultracold gases, generation of squeezed atomic states.

Invited speakers: Carsten Klempt (Hannover), Miroslaw Brewczyk (Warsaw), Markus Oberthaler (Heidelberg), Jan Chwedenczuk (Warsaw)

Program and abstracts

List of participants

Useful information

beginning at 1pm on Monday, June 2nd
end at 3:30pm on Wednesday, June 4th

Atominstitut, Stadionalle 2, 1020 WIEN
(about 1 hour from airport)
Travel planning with public transport:

Accomodation at Hotel Gabriel, Landstrasser Hauptstrasse 165, 1030 Wien

For speakers:
Please send title+abstract of talks before May, 7th!
Duration of talks: 30min (+ 10min questions)

Marie Bonneau, email